Meshal Al Nejadi

About the Driver:


Meshal Al Nejadi is a Kuwaiti Professional Rally Driver. He Started rallying since 1994 as a Co-Driver until 1998 When he started as a driver.

his accomplishments to date:

KRC 1999 - 5th Place

KRC 2000/2001 1st Place
KRC 2002/2003 1st Place
MERC 2003 - 1st Place (1600 CC)
MERC 2004 - 2nd Place (1600 CC)
MERC 2005 - 1st Place (1600 CC)
MERC 2006 - 1st Place (1600 CC)
MERC 2007 - 1st (1600 CC)
KRC 2011/2012 - 1st Place

KRC 2012/2013 - 1st Place

Participated in a total 121 rally rounds up to 2012


About the Co-Driver:

Ali AL Shamali is a Kuwaiti Positional Jet Ski Rider.he started riding since and Co-driving in the rallies from 1994 to date.

*KRC 1999 - 5th Place
 KRC 2000/2001 - 1st Place
 KRC 2002/2003 - 1st Place
*MERC 2003 - 1st Place(1600 CC)
 MERC 2004 - 2ndPlace (1600 CC)
 MERC 2005 - 1st Place(1600 CC)
 MERC 2006 - 1st Place(1600 CC)
 MERC 2007 - 1st Place(1600 CC)
KRC 2011/2012 - 1st Place

KRC 2012/2013 - 1st Place


What are our future goals

From our experience in  the sport of ralling, we understand that upgrading is a must… to achieve and strikes our goals to present at the 1st level, we know the details of how we can save our position in Kuwait National Rally Competition as a champion and stay a Champion. For the upcoming competition we set a plan with our technical and management team to penetrate the 6 rounds in a strategy manner because the other competitors teams are upgrading them cars and team in the last 2011/2012 kuwait championship and it was within the standard of the Middle East championship .
Finally, our main objective is to achieve the champion of 2014 with "Mini" Rally Car between 16 teams.