K.M.R.C. Background

In 1986 the first drag racing track in the Middle East was established in Kuwait by Sheikh Basel Al -Salem Al -Sabah (may he rest in peace), lovingly known by everyone in the Motorsport Community as the Godfather of drag racing for this and many other brilliant accomplishments. At that same year he created the Association of Automobile and Motorcycle Enthusiasts, gathering auto and motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere to enjoy their hobby and compete in a safe environment.

The idea first came to Sheikh Basel in 2005 to make the association an official club. On November 1st 2009,  the Kuwait Cabinet's official declaration (454/2009) made the association an official Motor Racing Club named The Quarter Mile Automobile and Motorcycle Club also known as Kuwait Motor Racing Club. Since then the K.M.R.C. had adopted many activities including Drag Racing, Drifting, ATV, Rally, Motocross, Autocross, Go-Karting and many more.

After the demise of K.M.R.C.’s creator, its great leader, the Godfather of drag racing, mentor to countless and an inspiration to all in the Motorsport community, Sheikh Basel Al-Salem Al-Sabah (May he rest in peace) in 2010, Sheikh Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah became Chairman of the board continuing the legacy that has been handed down into leading the club to many more great accomplishments to date.